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App Design

BT Innovative Design Competition

First Prize

Cowork designer 
Ehab and I participated the BT innovative design competition together. The aim for this competition is to help BT company to solve the customer service due to the customer service occupied a large proportion of cost. Therefore, any design outcome which can help BT to reduce the cost from customer phone call service is accepted.
Design Tool:
Responsible for:
  1. Research and share the result with partner.
  2. Brainstorming with partner to find out the solution.
  3. Structure the user flow for the app.
  4. Design the user interface and test the prototype with Sketch.
  5. Help partner to finish the materials for presentation.
Desktop Version:
The aim of this concept is to find out the problem and solve the problem before the users notice.

When wifi keeps disconnecting, the users calls BT service immediately. But it takes much time from the user authentication to the problem solution. Users usually become more emotional and end up with bad experience from BT customer service. Moreover, The longer time the customer service takes, the higher cost generates. This is such a pain point for BT company.

Therefore, this app helps customer to diagnose the problem and get the error records back to BT server automatically. Then the engineers start to fix the problem or give the suggestions to users immediately. 

The vision is to solve the problem even before the customers get noticed. When the customers read the notification that is the result of problem solved, the users will feel well-served.

This concept won the first prize of the competition, BT like our big idea: "solve it before being noticed." and they are willing to take our concept to further step.
40 candidates were asked to design their personalized perfume on the website by following the instruction.
After designing perfume journey, they were asked to do the questionnaire. 

Design Journey

錨點 1
The flowchart were created to demonstrate the main structure and the content of the app. The main feature of app is to allow users to manage the connection of their devices. Secondly, it provides the statistics of each device to allow users to understand the usage easily. Next phase of the app is to enhance the functionality of customer service by adding voice service. Furthermore, it notifies the customers about the result of diagnostics when it finds out the disconnection or weak signal and what stage on about the problem solving. Finally, it provides the account management for customers.
BT flowchart-02.jpg
​In the wireframes, all discussed features were translated into screen-by-screen solutions with a logical flow that interlinks each other. In the graph, the green lines stand for moving forward, the red lines mean going backward and the dotted line means open the link forward to the Q & A page on the BT official website. By following the lines, the interaction of the real users with the website was simulated. In this stage, the effort in the iterations was made to check if all the discussed features are included and figure out if the flow makes sense to users.
BT flowchart-01.jpg
Four C's evaluation: