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Procter & Gamble Website Design

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Sole designer 
This project is cooperated with Procter & Gamble​ as my dissertation topic for my master degree in 2016. The topic is " Investigating a novel way to introduce perfume to young generation.

Since from the viewpoint of P&G aiming at building a new market entry point, the target is to focus on Generation Z. The research in my paper is regarding how visual references present the scent.

The final outcome is a website which can provide the service of designing personalized perfume scents. The design of the website is to create the best approach to presenting scent features with visual references such as images, colors and explanatory caption.

In the end, the results will show whether or not the concept of introducing perfume to Gen Z via this channel can work. 
Design Tool:
Personalised perfume
40 candidates were asked to design their personalized perfume on the website by following the instruction.
After designing perfume journey, they were asked to do the questionnaire. 
  • The concept can enhance both group members’ interest in trying to design their personalized perfume.
  • Using the website arouses their interest in perfume products.
  • Most visual information such as images, colours and word-based descriptions are represent the scent well, as the result shows that the scores most users give are no lower than 3.
  • The texts of introduction can be reduced and the website as a whole can be more infographic to facilitate users’ understanding of the contents.
  • Designing personalized perfume is being chosen as most subjects’ favorite part of the website, and thus over half of the subjects would like to trust P&G more after using the website.
  • This experience makes them more willing to purchase perfume from P&G or the brands that P&G cooperates with.
  • The hypothesis that providing the service of personalized perfume can attract Gen Z consumers, build their trust with P&G and eventually make them purchase perfume products produced by P&G is proved by the result.
  • Although the visual layout that refers to target smells has its limitations and some fragrance families can be improved with more accurate visual information, in general, the visual references representing smells help users understand smells better.
  • The final test offers some insights and starting points for building a new market entry point especially for attracting Gen Zers. Based on Gen Zers' features and needs, new business and firms can take this project as a benchmark making them closer to commercial triumph.

Design Journey

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The methodology which is used for this study was combined theoretical principles and practical experiences in order to provide a guideline for P&G and readers. In this way, the Design Process (5D’s) was presented in the double diamond shape which shows how designers work through five key stages: Discover, Define, Design, Develop and Delivery. And the different stages in Design Process have specific purposes associated to each phase of the academic principles.
Thinking Path:
Build a new market entry point by offering sample products
Generation Z

Pilot Study

Generation Z Shopping Behavior

To know Gen Z better, I did the questionnaire.
The result shown as below.